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Department of IT OIST, organized a session on Python programming for 5th semester students

Department of IT OIST,  organized a session on Python programming  for 5th semester students on 10/Aug/2018,under the guidance of Prof. Atul Barve and Prof. Pratik Buchke. 
This activity was  conducted under Student Activity Cell, where students shared their knowledge with others.
Students were briefed by the  coordinator Pavan Jain & Ankit Dubey,who give practical exposure to all the students. Topics covered during the session included 

--Introduction to Python programming
-- Arithmetic Operation
-- Print(ends='')
-- Escape Sequences
-- Memory Allocation in Python
-- string
-- list(slicing)
-- tuple
-- set
-- dictionary
-- Complex
-- userinput
-- conditional statements 
-- control statements
-- Break Continue and Pass
-- functions
-- default parameters
-- Packing and Unpacking Arguements
-- parameters naming
-- Math module
-- Class and Object
-- Inheritence
-- Try and Except

This session was very  informative and useful for students as Python is quite in  demand in the field of technology.