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Session on Redhat Club at Oriental Campus

Redhat is the world's leading provider of open source, enterprise IT solutions after Microsoft.

Mr. Hemraj Singh Chouhan was invited and he started the session by asking a rhetorical question. He emphasized on the word 'interest' and explained how positivity leads to a more acceptable approach.  He also informed that Red hat has tied up with Oriental Group of Institutes and a club will be made. The enrolment in the club will be free of cost. This club will help the students in building a more practical approach. 

The training provided by the club will help the students to be a industry product. This club is for the students and by the students. The students will be trained on their practical skills and help them understand the purpose of their education. He concluded the session by informing that the idea of less theoretical approach is practicable and how new opportunities can be seized easily.