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OIST Bhopal students visit Satpura Thermal Power Plant, Sarni

Department of Mechanical Engineering OIST, Bhopal organized one day industrial visit to Satpura Thermal Power Plant, Sarni for third semester students on 5th Oct.2016, under the supervision of Prof. Rakesh Singh and Prof. Rahul Thakur. Students visited their Control unit section, distribution unit, Boiler division and Turbo generating unit during the visit. 

The working principle of high pressure boilers, impulse and reaction turbines, working of economizer, super heaters and design of chimney, were discussed and demonstrated by Mr. Akhilesh kumar tiwari Asst. Engineer, MPPGCL Sarni. He also explained the various operations and components of the power plants required in electricity generation. This visit was quite useful to all the students, who wish to develop their future and career in the field of power sectors.