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Civil students of OIST Bhopal plan foot over bridge on Campus

The Civil Engineering branch is a marvelous combination of imagination and creativity. At OIST, the Civil engineering students experience this every day because here the students are provided with ample opportunities to generate innovative ideas. The final year students of Oriental Institute of Science and Technology; Mr. Rishabh Soni, Ajay Ghavari, Rahul Pandey, Anurag Singh Tomar, Shobhit Dubey and Vishal Yadav have planned and designed the proposed RCC sky walk (foot over bridge) between the second floors of the two multistoried buildings inside the beautiful campus of Oriental. The bridge is proposed at an elevation of 10 meters having a span of 52 meters. 

The proposed bridge will reduce the travel time so that both the buildings can be utilized efficiently. In addition, the aesthetics of the campus will also be enhanced as visualized through the images. 

The design and drawings are prepared using latest Civil engineering software available at newly developed CAD lab.