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Orientation session of AISEC India held at Oriental Campus

AIESEC is the world's largest youth run organisation affiliated with United Nations and present in 126 countries. AIESEC in Bhopal, a local chapter of AIESEC India organised an orientation session for the second and third year students of OGI on 28 August, 2018, to recruit new members, from the talent hub of Oriental and also to bring international internship opportunities for the students.

After orientation session, a GD and PI session is planned on 30th August, 2018, on campus  , after which the shortlisted students would undergo rigorous training as AIESEC volunteers.  

Oriental Group has the policy of encouraging students through such activities.  Under one such event by AIESEC Bhopal, one of the students of OCT, was short listed and interned in Croatia, Europe later. Oriental believes that with the events like these, more of their students would get a global platform.

The program was conducted by the Student Activity Council (SAC) of OIST.