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The Australian Expert speaks at the International Conference at Oriental Campus in Bhopal

Day 2 of the IEEE International Conference at Oriental covered two keynote addresses by world renowned speakers, Dr Sri Parameswaran of University of New South Wales, Australia  and Dr Garett S. Rose of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. Dr. Parameswaran took a very informative and mass-appealing session on the Countermeasure against “Side channel Attacks” on Advanced Encryption Standards – mentioning that in the current era, Hacker moves one-step ahead of the Data Scientist – so it becomes a matter of prime importance that we are aware and concerned of our personal data.

While addressing the budding engineers, he explained in detail, how the secure, encrypted data can be cracked – so as to make them understand the ways and means of “fool-proof” encryption. Interestingly he mentioned many ways of data hacking – including coding-decoding the sound waves of the keys as you type on the keyboard. Further elaborating on the topic, he suggested various ways to counter / prevent such hacking attacks, including “balancing” of the data in binary codes. The session was attended and appreciated by a large number of researchers, professional, faculties and students from across the Country.

8 parallel sessions were conducted by session chairs which were attended by delegates and Oriental fast pass students. Post lunch, an event was planned for girl students with the topic IEEE Women in Engineering. This was an interactive session, focusing the involvement of women engineers/ researchers for the current advancements in Technology.

Apart from the Keynote addresses like above, the conference also includes 69 research papers from all-over India. In the concluding session on 20th Dec, an Award Ceremony is scheduled where best papers and travel grants will be given to the participants.

Oriental is honored to have been able to conduct two events with IEEE. The first event was hosted in 2015 at Indore by Oriental University and the third IEEE conference at Oriental Group of Institutes, Bhopal this year. Oriental hopes to bring more such Research oriented events for interested and deserving students. 

As suggested by the Chairman – Oriental Group Shri Praveen Thakral, Oriental is committed to bring more and more such researchers on board, so as to have fruitful, result-oriented work towards the ultimate goal - benefit of the Society.