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Session on Cross platform application under Student activity Cell by IT students

Department of Information Technology Oriental Group of Institutes has conducted a Session Under Student Activity Club taken by Chetanya Gupta,Third Year IT department, OGI on 12-April-2018.

Session main focus on cross platform native mobile app development. Following topics were discussed during session-
1)How to develop simple and applealing cross platform (Android and iOS) application using certain plaforms.
2)How to start development and from where to learn.
3) Various frameworks of JavaScript and ux markup language. 
4)A small application demo was developed in just 10 minutes which gave them confidence that it's not that hard to develop something 

At the end the experience of Smart India hackathon was shared.

This session was conducted under the faculty coordinators Mr Pratik Buchke Mr Vipin Kumar & Mr Atul Barve.

Students were highly satisfied and want such interactions to be conducted in future again.