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TechnoRion the IIT BOMBAY zonal techfest at Oriental College of Technology

The greatest amalgamations in science come when very basic or radical ideas are joint together. One such great platform of IIT BOMBAY's Zonal Techfest was witnessed at Oriental College of Technology. It brought opportunities for students that were worth encashing. TechnoRion the zonal techfest was held at OCT campus on 23rd September, 2018. It was conducted in five cities across the country- Kolkata, Bhopal, Mumbai, Jaipur and Bangalore. 

Some of the competitions this year were Cozmo Clench (gripper bot), Meshmerize (line robot) and CoDecode (coding) with cash prize worth ? 72,500. More than 700 students from different states of the country participated in the competitions. Students at OGI found it to be a great opportunity and were very enthusiastic to learn, create and experience the beauty of technology. They were exposed to deal with management and coordination skills with a lot of learning as well. 

Such experiences always bring out the eagerness to learn and work with the beautiful and fast changing innovations and technologies.