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Workshop on e Cart by Automobile Department of OIST Bhopal

One day workshop followed by demonstration was held at Automobile Department on 17 March 2016 on “design considerations in fabrication of electrical vehicle (e -cart)”. The workshop was attended by the students of Automobile and Mechanical department IVth, VIth & VIIIth Semester. 

Mr Afsar Ali Khan, of V Cart Ltd. along with Fazal Sher Khan, demo technician conducted the workshop. He appraised the gathering about the Components of E cart. They are manufactured in Korea and assembled at Raipur. V-Cart is the largest importer of E Rickshaw in India. The salient features of E-Cart are that they are non polluting, noiseless and economical to run. Government is encouraging the use of these vehicles and gives subsidies for it. They are environment friendly and cheap. 

These Rickshaws have a M.S (Mild Steel) tubular Chassis; consisting of 3 wheels with a differential mechanism at rear wheels. The motor is brushless DC motor manufactured in Korea and China. The electrical system used in Indian version is 48V. The body is designed from thin iron sheets. Vehicles made in fiber are also popular because of their strength and durability. Body design is varied from load carriers, passenger vehicles with no roof; to full body with windshield for drivers comfort. The battery used is mostly lead acid battery with average life of 12-16 months. 

Director OIST appreciated the effort and said that such events organized by the Department on regular basis, help the students in the long run.