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Seminar on Positive Thinking and Suicide Prevention

A Seminar was organized by Bikers Club Bhopal on 4 December 2015 for students of Oriental Group of Institutes. The speaker for the event was famous cross country biker Sana Iqbal from Hyderabad. She is famed speaker, who takes motivational seminars and awareness sessions among today’s youth on issues related to depression, negative self esteem, and low self confidence. She related to students about her life and how she came to terms with her problems and coped up with them. Sana reiterated that suicide is never an option and with strong will one can over come all negativity. She said that peer pressure and social customs can give rise to lot of ill feelings among students. She also gave the mantra of safe driving and driving with helmets on the road. The students were positively motivated with her thoughts.