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National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) held at Oriental Group of Institutes, Bhopal

National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) organized an Orientation Program for faculty leaders at Oriental Group of Institutes, Bhopal on 1st July’2016. Representatives from NEN Member Institutions like LNCT, Oriental, RGPV (UIT), TIT etc participated in the Program. 

National entrepreneurship Network (NEN) is a not-for- profit initiative working to inspire, educate and support new and future entrepreneurs in India. NEN’s ultimate goal is to help launch thousands of new entrepreneurs, who in turn, will create ample valuable jobs in India. 

The Resource person for the program was Ms. Marlina Ramchandran, NEN Regional Head. The Program introduced participants to the exciting world of entrepreneurship education, where innovative teaching methods and content, energizes young people, unleashing their talent and ambitions, as never before. 

The program covered the elements for establishing a successful entrepreneurial eco- system on campus: the lifecycle of a venture and the fundamental entrepreneurial skills.