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Padhe Bhopal : Reading and encouraging to read

The more we read the more we grow and this growth is organic and omnipotent. Oriental College of Technology organized a grand reading session for students under the program "Padhe Bhopal" on 9th Oct, 2018 encouraging the spirit of reading in every student. The activity was held in the early hours of the day from 8:30 am to 9:15 am. This was also an initiative to introduce the students to the massive knowledge that books hold. 

As it has been into the principles of the institutions, a 360 degree development of the students is always promoted. Therefore, Chairman Sir, HOD's and all the Faculty Members of every branch helped encourage every student to participate in this activity. Students were free to choose books from any genre and to sit together in the libraries spreading the awareness regarding the importance of reading. They could also pick up any newspaper, newsletter, journal and read it together. 

Mobile phones were strictly prohibited during this period. College management encouraged the students to continue this practice and strictly stick to the rules. With the involvement of the complete body of staff and students, this activity brought the relishing joy of reading and has built up an environment where students talk more about books and appreciate each other's participation for the same.