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CodePro for the Coders

CodePro contest for coding and debugging brought the best out of many students where First Position was secured by Sourabh Pathak from Computer science engineering, 3rd Semester and Megha Maini from Information Technology branch, 5th semester. Anurag Singh student in 3rd semester and Pradeep Patel in 5th semester from Computer science Engineering, were the runner ups. 

HACKERRANK and CODECHEF technical partners of Institute organized CODE_PRO for all the budding coders and debuggers of the institute on Saturday. This event was open for all the students who held an interest in coding and it was integrated in two rounds. First round comprising of 8 questions which carried 10 marks each. Top 16 students from first round then made it to the second round. 8 teams of two students each was then divided for the second round having 2 questions of 20 marks presented to each team. Winners of the contest were then selected on the basis of their accuracy and time of submission. However, this event brought a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their talent.