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Chairman BMC Appeals Oriental Students to make Bhopal No 1 in Cleanliness Drive

An awareness drive was conducted on campus on 19 December 2017, when Shri Surjeet Singh Chouhan, Chairman, Bhopal Municipal Corporation, along with his team of BMC officials and NGO, visited the campus and appealed to the young Orientalites, to help in making the City clean. 

The program showcased dance performances by artists with a theme of Kabad se Jugad- Making useful things out of waste material. Earlier, the students were asked to download Swachhta App and were made aware of the Swachh Smart Card, with the discounts available to lure the citizens to make the City clean.

The students took a pledge on the occasion and hostellers donated the left useless material to the NGO Sanidhya. The faculty and students of Oriental Group informed them about the activity that takes place on campus where the engineering waste materials are processed in the workshop and the useful products thus generated, are donated to the needy. The Group thus stands committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).