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“Taming Time” is need of the hour... says the Expert from Arizona State University during the International Conference at Oriental

On the concluding day of the IEEE International Conference at Oriental Group of Institutes in Bhopal, the last Keynote address delivered by Dr Aviral Shrivastava of the Arizona State University, USA gathered much attention of the attendees – for the obvious reason – as it talked about ‘Time’. While speaking on the role of time in Cyber-Physical Systems, the speaker aptly connected the topic with our daily life – quoting example of the GPS. As he mentioned, now the GPS signals work entirely on the basis of time registered and transmitted by the Satellite-Device couple. However, this pairing currently works in the accuracy of few meters, due to the limitation of computing capacity and speed. With the increasing numbers of Maps, Roads, Streets and Vehicles, this has to be brought down to within a meter, he said. Moreover, with the advent of Unmanned Vehicles, accurate GPS-enabled tracking has to be deployed in order to avoid collisions on the cross-roads. And that’s why, the researchers need to understand the importance of time, thereby contributing in making the registry and usage of time with a better accuracy.
Later in another session, Dr Ashok Shrivastava, the keynote speaker from Louisiana State University, USA, apprised the gathering about reduced dimension materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene and other than graphene-based emerging novel switching transistors and interconnects for future integrated circuit design and wide-ranging other applications.

The valedictory Ceremony, witnessed the presence of Chief Guest, Dr Akhilesh Pandey, Chairman, MP Pvt. Fee Regulatory Commission and Guest of Honor Prof. Pramod Verma, VC Barkatullah University Bhopal. The closing minutes of the meeting were read by Dr Dhruva Ghai, General Chair, IEEE INIS Symposium.

Best papers awards and travel grants of $200 and $100 respectively were given to the young brains on the occasion. Chancellor Oriental University, Indore, Dr KL Thakral and Chairman OGI Shri Praveen Thakral, appreciated the efforts of governing committee, organizing committee and local arrangement committee, to make the program successful that involved 6 tracks, 23 sessions and 70 presentations, stretched for three days.