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LivLive Lecture on Compiler Design in OIST Bhopale Lecture on Compiler Design in OIST Bhopal

Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education (QEEE) hosted a live lecture on “Compiler Design” on 13th October, 2015, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, for the students of OIST Bhopal.

In this session, Prof. Supratim Biswas, from IIT Bombay, discussed theory as well as practical aspects of Compiler Design. The eminent speaker shared about the basic concepts and principles of compiler Design.  He gave an overview about the components, phases and passes of the Compiler. 

He said that “Compiler is a translator program that translates a program written in High Level Language or the source program and translates it into an equivalent program in Machine Level Language or the target program without changing the meaning of the program. It is also expected that a compiler should make the target code efficient and optimized in terms of time and space”.

He further added that Compiler design principles provide an in-depth view of translation and optimization process. Compiler design covers basic translation mechanism and error detection & recovery. It includes lexical, syntax, and semantic analysis as front end, and code generation and optimization