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IT Department conducts students' visit to Police Control Room

Department of Information Technology  conducted industrial visit at Police Control Room (Traffic) for IV semester section A & C students, on 19 nJanuary 2018..45 students participated in this visit and learnt about current traffic management system. Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma (S.I.) and Mr. Vipin from Honeywell shared following key points..

1.Road never talks.and it always gives direction.
2.Importance of third eye ( Camera). Bhopal  has total 153 locations and has cameras of 2 Megapixel, with each location of 4 fixed and one PTZ camera.
6.Importance of video wall and recording of live accident shown.
8.Importance of digital evidence .and how the communication takes place between ODC(Outdoor Cabinet) to control room.
The students were accompanied by Mr.Joy Bhattcharjee & Mr.Shadab Pasha from I.T. Department.