About Us

The department of Information Technology was established in the year 2002. Since the establishment it is consistently creating its place of excellence not only within the institute but among its counter parts in the country. The department enrolls 120 students through competitive exams (JEE) in the B.E. program every year. The department has fully networked labs with state-of-the art computing facilities.

The department of IT is enriched with good infrastructure. The department has highly qualified experienced and competent faculty members, and adequate facilities to support teaching and learning activity. The teaching methodology includes Student Reference Manual (SRM), LCD Presentation, Case Study, Projects, Seminars, Industrial Training. Technical programme like Seminars, Group Discussions, and Workshops etc are regular features of the department for development of staff and students. The department of Information Technology is committed to provide quality education to the students. The department ensures that the engineers of tomorrow will be able to cope the revolutionary changes in IT Sector.

Our Vision

To become a National Center of Excellence in the field of information technology with a strong teaching learning environment that adapts rapidly to the challenges of the industries.

Our Mission

  •  Providing quality education and spawn knowledge by engaging students in learning, leading to careers as IT professionals in the widely diversified domains of industry and academic world.
  •  To make our students up-to-date on curriculum and nurture them in information technology field for better carrier as software professional.
  •  To promote skill development of our graduates for leadership in the profession.


Class Rooms:
There is an adequate number of classrooms in the department. Classrooms are accomplished with smart classes, LCD Projectors, OHP and other complimentary teaching aids.

Internet Facility:
The 24X7 Internet and Wi-Fi facility in Department and Lab.

The Department of IT has no of laboratories providing computational facility of approximately 150 i2 core computer nodes interconnected via LAN. These nodes are running on the Windows 2000/Windows XP/Linux platform and are equipped with state of art software. Department puts a great emphasis on laboratory work. While laboratories are also used for developing skills to use and apply various concepts, tools and techniques, their main purpose is to develop the core technical as well as general professional competencies through experiential and collaborative learning.


Sr. No Description
1 Software Lab
2 DBMS Lab
3 Major Project Lab
4 IOT Lab (USP)
5 B Nest
6 Incubation Centre

Major Activities Conducted by IT department with collaboration with IIT Bombay:

  • ISTE workshop on “Introduction to Research Methodologies” conducted by IIT Bombay under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India) on 25th – 4th July, 2012
  • Two days workshop on “Ethical Hacking” conducted by IIT Bombay on 25th-26th September, 2012
  • Two week ISTE workshop on “Aakash for Education” conducted by IIT Bombay under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India) on November 10- 11, 2012
  • Two week ISTE workshop on “Spoken Tutorial on PHP and MY SQL” conducted by IIT Bombay under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India) on September 08, 2012
  • Two week ISTE workshop on “RMET (Research Methods in Educational Technology)” conducted by IIT Bombay under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India) February 02–09, 2013
  • The institute has also The institute has also conducted two week ISTE workshop on “Aakash Android Application Programming Workshop for Students” conducted by IIT Bombay under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India) February 23- 24 & March 02-03, 2013
  • Two week ISTE workshop on “DBMS” conducted by IIT Bombay under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India) May21 – 31, 2013
  • Two week ISTE workshop on “Analog Electronics” conducted by IIT, Kharagpur under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India) June 4 – 14, 2013
  • Two week ISTE Half Day ISTE Workshop on “Green Building Awareness” conducted by IIT Bombay under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India) August 24, 2013
  • Two week ISTE-IIT workshop on Computer Network for faculty members
  • Two week ISTE-IIT workshop on Computer Network for faculty members
  • Two week ISTE-IIT workshop on Cyber Security for faculty members
  • Conduct the three days for Blander workshop by IIT Mumbai
  • Smart City Project
  • Sports at Nodal, State and National Level.
  • Smart India Hackathon First Prize Pune 2018
  • National Level Convention on Modern Business Tools in IT, January 2019
  • International Conferences.

Student Achievement

Student high scorers of RGPV: session July-Dec, 2017 (Toppers)
Semester VII

1. 0126IT141085 SAKSHI GUPTA 8.63
2. 0126IT141105 SURBHI GIRDHANI 8.63
3. 0126IT141122 YASMEEN PARVEEN 8.63
4. 0126IT141030 AYUSHI BAJAJ 8.56
5. 0126IT141023 ARCHIE BISEN 8.5
1. 0126IT141084 SACHIN ARTANI 8.5
6. 0126IT141114 VAISHNAVI GUPTA 8.5
7. 0126IT141116 VIDHI VORA 8.5
8. 0126IT141016 ANINDYA PARASHAR 8.38
9. 0126IT141045 KOMAL VIDYARTHI 8.38
10. 0126IT141069 RAGINI YADAV 8.38
11. 0126IT141082 ROSHI KHOSLA 8.25
12. 0126IT141087 SARITA RAI 8.25
13. 0126IT141048 LOVELY PRIYA 8.19
14. 0126IT141061 PRACHI BISEN 8.19
15. 0126IT141080 RITIKA SINGH 8.19
16. 0126IT141049 MAHIMA GIRI 8.13
17. 0126IT141056 NELSON B XAVIER 8.13
18. 0126IT141096 SHRADDHA THAKUR 8.13
19. 0126IT141018 ANJALI JAIN 8.06
20. 0126IT141092 SHIVAM SHRIVASTAVA 8.06
21. 0126IT141101 SUBODH RAJAK 8.06

Student Achievement

Semester V

1. 0126IT151119 VASUDHA KUCHIYA 9.38
2. 0126IT151060 NEHA GUPTA 9.25
3. 0126IT151075 PRIYAL JAIN 9.13
4. 0126IT151017 ANKITA JAIN 9
5. 0126IT151081 RAKHI AGARWAL 9
6. 0126IT151118 VAIBHAW KUMAR OJHA 9
7. 0126IT151025 ANUSHA GUPTA 8.88
8. 0126IT151034 BHARAT MAHESHWARI 8.88
9. 0126IT151078 RAJAT SAHAGAL 8.88
10. 0126IT151106 SIDDHARTH DAGLIYA 8.75
11. 0126IT151006 AKANSHA BICHU 8.63
12. 0126IT151031 AYUSHI NEMA 8.63
13. 0126IT151064 PARAS BANGDE 8.63
14. 0126IT151103 SHUBHAM AGRAWAL 8.63
15. 0126IT151123 VITHIKA SINGH 8.63
16. 0126IT151117 UZMA SALEEM KHAN 8.56
17. 0126IT151048 KUNIKA JAIN 8.5
18. 0126IT151063 NISHID RANJAN 8.5
19. 0126IT151072 PRATEEKSHA SINGH 8.5
20. 0126IT151087 ROSHANI 8.5
21. 0126IT151044 KANCHAN KUMARI 8.38
22. 0126IT151065 PAWAN KUMAR CHATURVEDI 8.38
23. 0126IT151088 ROSHINI PILLAI 8.38
24. 0126IT151089 RUCHITA SONKUSARE 8.38
25. 0126IT151095 SANSKRITI JAIN 8.38
26. 0126IT151113 SWATI SINHA 8.38

Student Achievement

Semester III

1. 0126IT161045 HARDIK GUPTA 9
2. 0126IT161060 MEGHA MAINI 9
3. 0126IT161071 PRACHI GUPTA 8.88
4. 0126IT161109 SONAL JAIN 8.87
5. 0126IT161005 AMAN KESHARWANI 8.81
6. 0126IT161072 PRAGATI SINGH 8.75
7. 0126IT161096 SHAKEEB ARSALAN 8.75
8. 0126IT161103 SHUBHAM KUMAR TIWARI 8.75
9. 0126IT161119 TANYA SHRIVASTAVA 8.75
10. 0126IT161015 ARPIT JAIN 8.63
11. 0126IT161021 ASHWINI KUMARI 8.63
12. 0126IT161066 NUPUR PALIWAL 8.63
13. 0126IT161067 PARAM VEER SINGH 8.63
14. 0126IT161086 RUPESH KUMAR 8.63
15. 0126IT161091 SAKSHI GUPTA 8.63
16. 0126IT161100 SHRAVANI CHINNI 8.63
17. 0126IT161111 SOUMYA JAIN 8.56
18. 0126IT161013 ARCHI SHENDE 8.5
19. 0126IT161087 SABHYATA DUBEY 8.5
20. 0126IT161094 SANYOG THAKRE 8.5
21. 0126IT161102 SHRUTI AGRAWAL 8.5
22. 0126IT161031 BHUMIKA MOTWANI 8.38
23. 0126IT161040 FAWAZ KAMAAL HASHMI 8.38
24. 0126IT161047 HITA JAIN 8.38
25. 0126IT161095 SATYARTH SUMAN 8.38
26. 0126IT161030 BHAVYA KETHEPALLI 8.25
27. 0126IT161035 DEEPIKA PATEL 8.25
28. 0126IT161041 GAURI RAGHUWANSHI 8.25
29. 0126IT161056 MAHIMA SARRAF 8.25
30. 0126IT161065 NITYA BAJPAI 8.25
31. 0126IT161080 PUSHPANJALI KUMARI 8.25
32. 0126IT161097 SHASHANK CHOUKSEY 8.25

Students’ achievement in Co Curricular and Extracurricular fields (Cultural/Literary/Sports) outside the Institute.

1. Sakshi Garde Winner 4*100 relay gold at RGPV Nodel affiliated competition
2. Anubhav Singh Athletics Nodal and won Bronze Gold Medal,Handball nodal and won Gold Medal
3. Sanjna Guha Athletics Nodal ,Badminton
4. Tanmay Jha Nodal Cricket
5. Arpit Gupta National Level Cricket Players
6. Aman Vyas Bronze (Individual Level ) and Gold Medel (Team) in National Level Karate , at Bangluru
Gold Madel in National Karate Event at Dehradoon
7. Ashutosh Upadhyay Winner Nodel Tennis Turament and selected for Nationals
8. Anubhav Purohit Captin of Basket Ball Team (Nodel Winner)
9. Yash Dubey National Level Cricket Players
10. Ratan Singh Nodal winnner in kabaddi.
Nodal runnerup in circle kabaddi.
State level selected in circle kabaddi tournament.
Head coordinator in techacme.


Course Mode :
Full Time
Course Duration :
4 Years
Seats :
Entrance Exam :
JEE Main exam

Eligibility :
Based on candidates performance in JEE Mains, on All India Level.
12th Pass out and Aggregate of 45% in PCM for General Category and 40% for SC/ST/OBC(excluding creamy layer) Candidate.


Information Technology is used for managing the information, when the amount of information has grown to such a vast extent that the human brain cannot store or process it efficiently. IT deals with the use of hardware and software to store, process, convert, transmit, protect and securely retrieve information. Information Technology has applications in every aspect of our life. Some of them are:-Business and Commerce, Science and Engineering, Education, Governance, Medicine and Entertainment

Information Technology offers many job opportunities for graduates in several Private and Government sectors. An IT Graduate can even become an Entrepreneur and start his/her own business. Some of the top Private Companies offering jobs for IT graduates are TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Google, Oracle and many more. Some of the Government Organizations are: BHEL, ISRO, OBGS, SAIL, NTPC etc