Single and double room accommodation for boys and girls is available separately within the premises. Hostel rooms are well furnished with good hygienic atmosphere and automated machines. Other facilities include in house Canteen & Mess, Water coolers with UV Purifier, Recreation Room, Indoor games, Gymnasium, Medical room with Doctor & Nurse in attendance, PCO Bank, Post Office, Parking Round the clock Security and Wi-fi enabled Net connectivity.

24 Hours monitoring is done through warden and security personnel. Surveillance is maintained through CCTV.

Wi-fi campus has maintained library, good cafeteria and a general provision store. The Chief Warden ,has an effective team of wardens and assistants to look after the maintenance and conduct of the hostels.


Application for admission to the hostels should be made on prescribed form.

Admission to the hostels is subject to admission to the Institute and availability of accommodation.

Hostel Fee

Hostels fee is charged towards lodging only. The boarding and other charges services like room coolers, geysers, telephone, electric iron, computers etc. are charged extra.