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About Us

Oriental Engineering College Jabalpur was established in 2008 . The Institute, managed by the central monitoring authority at Bhopal and a pool of dedicated professionals at Jabalpur, is rapidly developing itself in the foot-prints of the parent College at Bhopal . To produce world class technocrats who are able to pursue highest possible careers with social causes in mind. Provide high quality professional education in the field of engineering. Develop graduates with the capacity to undertake life-long learning, provide leadership and service to industry and the world community, and to aspire to ever-higher levels of achievement

Our Recruiters

With the advent of globalization and outsourcing, tremendous growth is visible for skilled and qualified professionals. This has necessitated the setting up of better institutions imparting quality education . With this view, the 15 year old establishment the Oriental Group, has stretched beyond Bhopal and reached out to the cities of Indore & Jabalpur.
Library has the latest technology and adopts user friendly approach towards students and faculty. Library offers comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge and serves the academic needs of all students and faculty members. It has a collection of books and Journals of all related subjects OEC Library functions in co-ordination with the Central Library. The complete Library has been converted in to digital Library. Issue and return of books is carried out through bar code reader for which students have been given bar codes. With this facility, issue and return of books is carried out within seconds. 10 National and 2 International Journals, per branch, are available in the college Library.
Oriental Group of Institutes recognizes that a major concern of all students and parents is the availability and quality of accommodation and other facilities.

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