The Multi-storied and well stocked Central Library of the Oriental Institute of Science & Technology has

• A wide range of books (near about 74496 volumes),

• Periodicals (More than 20),

• Leading news papers (6 English Plus 2 Hindi),

• The concept of e-learning & C-library,

• Digital E-journals, which serve as a focal point for learning.

The resource base consists of

• About 74496 volumes-7461 Titles.                 

• 110 National and 12 International subscribed journals with 425 e-journals.

• 3128 volumes 923 titles of General books.

• A variety of CDs and video cassettes of academic interest.

• Printed matter, in particular, includes publications that enable academic endeavor within the campus to stay abreast of frontier level developments across the globe.

 • Updating of the resource base is done regularly. Useful suggestions in this regard are drawn from all sections of the academic community.

Reprographic Facility.

Book Bank Scheme for students of all the semesters. Set of five books issued to student every semester.