Computer Science Engineering Department


The Computer Science & Engineering department offers four years program, Bachelor of Engineering and 2 years programs, Master of Technology in CSE. It has capacity of 480 students and most of the students supported by scholarships. The department also offer several attractive industry oriented seminars, Workshops and Top ranking international conferences.

The Computer Science Laboratory provides the basic computing infrastructure with latest technology facilities to satisfy a variety of research and educational needs. The lab staffs are responsible for installing and maintaining all Department computers and providing all required network services within the Department. In addition, the staff works with faculty and students to accommodate special research and academic needs not covered by the general computing infrastructure.

Workstations & Servers - The Department maintains a variety of desktop and server computing resources. All faculty and graduate student desktops are equipped with Dell Linux, Windows workstations with advanced graphics displays, i3, i5 processor, 4 GB RAM and 500GB hard disk.

Networking – Around 400 Computers are interconnected via gigabit fiber to gigabit network switches. Fiber-optic links provide dual 10 Gb links to the main campus network. All inter-department connections are at least 100 Mb Ethernet, with 10gb gigabit Ethernet connections for many of the heavily used servers. The Department has complete 802.11a/b/g/n wireless coverage to support mobile computing.