Electronics & Communication Engineering Department


    • A)     Sophisticated and Specialized Labs

    Some of the most advanced labs of the Department are

     1)     VLSI Lab

    An advanced VLSI Lab with state of the EDA Tools: Xilinx ISE, Model, Altera, Quartus for Frontend Design. Microwind, Slam Layout for Backend Design. High End FPGA/CPLD Boards using Virtex 5/6, Cyclone. Mixed signal designs tools also available.

    VLSI Lab with High End FPGA/CPLD Boards and fully equipped lab with EDA Software


     2)     DSP Lab:

    State of the art lab developed under AICTE Grant with high end Processing capabilities line TMSC6713 and TMSF2812 DSP Starter Kits. BWD Interactive DSP learning Software and  Matlab Software.

    DSP Lab with TMS Floating and Fixed Point Processor Starter Kits and Code Composer Studio Environment


          3)    Communications and Computer Networks Labs:

    Advanced Communications lab including Analog and Digital Communications Lab, Radar lab, Antenna lab and Transmission Lines lab, all inclusive of facilities like Antenna Design Tools, Antenna Trainer Kits with over 40 Antenna extensions, Transmitter-receiver Trainers, Radar Trainers, Transmission line Trainers. Computer Networks labs have high end LAN Trainer kits and software capable of emulating and designing complex networks. The labs are also equipped with high end DSO’s and Spectrum Analyzers (over 1 Ghz) for precise computations.

    Advanced Communication and Computer Networks labs including LAN Trainer, transmission Line Trainers, Microwave and Antenna Setups


     4)    Embedded Systems lab

    A fully developed Embedded Systems Project and Research lab having capabilities of all the major development boards like Arduino, PIC, 8051, Galileo etc. 

    Some of the other labs are

    1)      Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab

    2)      TV Lab

    3)      Microprocessor Lab

    4)      Digital Circuits Lab

    5)      Microwave lab


    B)     Learning Environment

    1)      Seminar hall:

    Dedicated, Spacious and Fully Equipped Seminar Hall with Projection and Acoustic Facilities.

    2)      Departmental Library

    A Dedicated departmental library with over 300 volumes and access to International Journals and Periodicals for students and Staff.

    Departmental Library with access to Reference Books and Journals.