Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

About Us

Department of Electronics and Communication of Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, was established in the year 1995 and is now one of the most developed centres for learning and Research. The Department is running UG as well as PG Courses. The Department possesses state of the art Infrastructure with specialized Computation and lab facilities for both UG and PG students along with dedicated and experienced faculty and Lab Staff members. The Department has always been in the forefront by organizing esteemed Conferences, Workshops and Faculty Development Programs. 



To produce comprehensively trained socially responsible, innovative Electronics and Communication engineers and researchers of highest quality.


To provide high quality teaching, research, services and supportive environment to students for acclimatizing to the rapidly developing world of Electronics.


To provide multiple options so that students can maximize on their career choices.


To promote intellectual, ethical and technological environment to the students and invokes a strong desire of contributing to the society and the ability of life-long learning in the students for pursuing successful career in engineering.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


.         Preparation: To prepare graduates with a firm foundation in mathematical, scientific and Engineering basics for a successful career in Electronics and Communication Engineering and to make them succeed in Industry or Technical Profession through exhaustive education

.         Depth: To train students to have good scientific and engineering depth so that they can analyze, design, and create products and solutions for the actual problems and to help them become innovators in efforts to address social, technical and engineering challenges


.         Professionalism: To imbibe professional and ethical attitude in students, to impart effective communication skills, to teach teamwork skills and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context and additional courses with regard to  career growth.


.         Academic Environment: To provide students with an academic environment that promotes excellence, leadership, and lifelong learning that is essential for a successful professional career.



Program Specific outcomes (PSOs)


• Graduate will be able to apply fundamentals of Electronics in various domains of analog and digital systems.

• Graduate will be able to analyze complex designs and provide solutions in the domains of communication systems, antennas, Networks and Signal processing using acquired analytic knowledge and Modern Design and automation tools.

• To demonstrate the principles of Electronics, digital systems, microprocessors, VLSI and implement them as per the current trends and needs of the Electronics Industry.

• Apply the practical knowledge of Electronics and Communication Engineering to assess societal and environmental issues with professional ethics and function effectively as an individual or a leader in a team.