Mechanical Engineering Department


The Department follows a comprehensive curriculum as designed by the State Technical University (RGPV) on topics related to Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on practical learning. The course structure is up-to-date and includes courses on nascent topics to equip our students with the latest developments.


Department comprises of following state-of-art laboratories along with various models and working apparatus.

·        Workshop

·        Strength of Materials

·        Internal Combustion Engines

·        Engineering Mechanics

·        Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

·        Robotics

·        CNC

·        Basic Mechanical Engineering

·        CADD

·        Fluid Mechanics

·        Theory of Machines

·        Heat & Mass Transfer

·        Thermal Engineering & Gas Dynamics


Auto Cad Lab provides latest software like Inventor, Auto Cad, Pro E, ANSYS facilitating students with hands on practice to design, analyze and conduct tests on virtual 3 D models. In past, students have harnessed the strength and facilities of this lab to get design approval from organizers in all India competition.


The workshop facility enables students to incarnate their concepts into reality. Many prize winning contraception have been successfully fabricated and field tested in past. The furniture in Class rooms and Hostel rooms, Canteen and other premises were designed and mass produced in the workshop. Thus, this facility can be aptly termed as Production shop.


The department is equipped with air conditioned Seminar hall provided with Audio Visual arrangement, intranet facility etc. Auto Cad lab and one class room are also provided with digital projector and sound system. Sufficient class rooms, tutorial rooms for students and faculty rooms provide stimulating environment for Teaching Learning process. Department owns library providing key course books for faculty members.