Mechanical Engineering Department

About Us

Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1995 with an initial intake of 60 students.Providing an outstanding environment for excellence in teaching, the Department has experienced significant growth over the last few years. The Department has an increased intake of 180 students per year and producing world class professionals in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Our faculty aims at delivering top class education blending with their rich practical knowledge.



To create a sustainable environment for young talents to fosters them towards industry ready work force. 


 To impart conceptual knowledge and its practical applications by state-of-art facilities of the department.

 To establish industry - institute interaction for quality enhancement by involvement of industries in the area of technology.

 To promote the students towards higher studies and research activities


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Utilize the knowledge of pure sciences and mechanical engineering in engineering applications to prepare students competent in the industry.

Recognize and comprehend real life issues and its suitable solution to manufacture, viable and sustainable mechanical systems.

To develop the capability to carry out the research and development in the field of mechanical engineering.

Utilization of latest tools and methods for optimum results of problems of modern society and industry.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

Knowledge of fundamental and specialized subjects of mechanical engineering and their application in solution of complex engineering problems.

Design, analysis and synthesis of mechanical engineering systems and their components to meet the needs of Industry and society with due consideration of public health, safety and environment.

Knowledge and understanding of mechanical engineering and management principles to manage engineering projects in multidisciplinary environment as an individual or a leader.

Ability of effective communication with the society and the professionals in complex mechanical engineering activities through development and presentation of reports and documents.