Faculty Development Programme

On the occasion of Faculty Development Program (FDP) today faculty of Oriental College of Management with the renowned trainer & popular motivational speaker Shri Rajeev Agrawal who kept the audience totally engrossed in learning the finer points of being an effective faculty.

"Managers Who Make A Difference" by Dr. T. V. Rao is a book from IIM Ahmedabad business books series. 

Focus on internality rather than externality is one of the key forces of leadership that looks for success from within. The book was presented by Prof. Anshu Bhagya to mark the end of Oriental MBA FDP session 2018

Work on the "Life Skills for Success" by Alka Wadkar  
Emotions - self & others, thinking & communicating after self awareness through motivation, creativity, values & self esteem presented by Prof. Mansi Jain as the resource person of FDP at Oriental

How to discover a leader within you- take responsibilities, dream, have courage, create more productive time for you, utilise emotions & change or be changed. 

A book titled 'You, Inc' by Burke Hedges presented by Prof. Amit Khare of Oriental College of Management in a Seminar of NITI AYOG Tinkering Lab participants held at Oriental College of Technology Bhopal

The book titled "Corporate Chanakya" by Radhakrishnan Pillai was presented by Dr. Mamta Manshani of Oriental College of Management. The following tenets have been highlighted  by the author

- Power brings responsibilities.
- Success comes through 3 ways Counselling, Might or Energy (will power).
- Improve what you inherit.
- Manage employees, finance & strategy well.
- Train for cleanliness at work & self discipline.
- Degree alone is not enough.
- Be an asset to the Boss.

Effectiveness is a habit that's. a complex of practices which can be learnt

Prof Arun Kumar Mishra of OCM presented a book 'The Effective Executive'  authored by a renowned American consultant Peter F Drucker whose writings contributed to many modern management practices in a big way

In-house Faculty Development Programme 2018

Prof. Deepak Tiwari presented a book titled "Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change" by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

Keys to influence - focus & measure the target, study the vital behaviour and engage sources of influence i.e. personal, social & structural motivation and ability

In-house Faculty Development Programme 2018

"Make Yourself Unforgettable" one of the best sellers of Dale Carnegie Training presented by Dr. Shikha Bhargava and also attended by our special invitee Mr. Pradeep Karambelkar, MD of Vision Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. 

Intelligence beyond intellect, Listening levels, Patience with purpose, Honesty with honour, Empathy & appreciation beyond comfort zone are some of the virtues that make a person unforgettable

Acquiring leadership qualities is a long drawn and continuous process but it pays off eventually. Prof. Chetan Chouhan presented a book titled "Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader" by Herminia Ibarra who was a Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School.

In-house Faculty Development Programme 2018

Prof. Ashish Mishra presented a book titled "The Art of Thinking Clearly" by Rolf Dobelli

Prof. Poorva Sakergayen presented a book titled "Emotional Intelligence at Work" by Dalip Singh, a senior bureaucrat - marking the inauguration of in-house Faculty Development Programme 2018

Book Presentation 
"How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" authored by Dale Carnegie book presented under a unique Faculty Development Programme at OCM by Dr. Shikha Bhargava

Life Without Limits" authored by Nick Vujicic book presented under a unique Faculty Development Programme at OCM by Prof. Deepak Tiwari

"Think and Grow Rich" authored by Napoleon Hill book presented by Prof. Poorva Sakergayen under a unique Faculty Development Programme at OCM

"Living the Life You Love" authored by Paula Renaye book presented under a unique Faculty Development Programme at OCM by Prof. Chetan Chouhan

"The Parable of the Pipeline" authored by Burke Hedges book presented under a unique Faculty Development Programme at OCM by Prof. Amit Khare

"Who Will Cry When You Die?" authored by Robin Sharma book presented under a unique Faculty Development Programme at OCM by Prof. Mansi Jain

From myth, mythology, imagination, belief, culture, facts to behaviour - encircling this business philosophy - a book titled "Business Sutra : A Very Indian Approach to Management" authored by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik presented by Prof. Anshu Bhagya under a unique Faculty Development Programme at OCM

"The Alchemist" authored by Paulo Coelho book presented by Prof. Ashish Mishra under a unique Faculty Development Programme at OCM

Dr. Shikha Bhargava presented "How to Win Friends and Influence People" authored by Dale Carnegie One among the all time best sellers list of books denoting 30 principles of winning & influencing people. It's a pioneering work on interpersonal dynamic 

 Dr. Mamta Manshani presented "Awaken the Giant Within" authored by Anthony Robbins Key mantra of the book "Pain & Pleasure bring the change in behaviour by mastering emotions, Health, Relationships, Finances & Time". 

 Prof. Priyanka Tanwar presented "The Power of Positive Thinking" authored by Norman Vincent Peale Key mantra of the book "Believe in yourself, create your own happiness, try prayer power". 

 Prof. Mansi Jain presented "The Magic of Thinking Big" authored by David Schwartz Key mantra of the book "Sell yourself to yourself" 

 Prof. Amit Khare presented "Fish" authored by Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, John Christensen Gist of the book - Lively & interactive environment lifts the morale & productivity of an organization 

 Prof. Anshu Bhagya presented "Young Leaders-Success Code" authored by Mamta Mohapatra and Narendra Nath AkhouriThis book highlights 11 leadership styles i.e.Value-driven, Participative, Situational, Visionary, Shared, Engaging, Thought, Team, Empowerment. People-centric and An open & approachable associating each style with an illustrative corporate manager.