'No one else cares for the students like we do'

Oriental Engineering College Jabalpur was established in 2008 . The Institute, managed by the central monitoring authority at Bhopal and a pool of dedicated professionals at Jabalpur, is rapidly developing itself in the foot-prints of the  parent College at Bhopal .

 Our vision  

  • To produce world class technocrats who are able to pursue  highest  possible careers with social causes in mind.
  • Provide high quality professional education in the field of engineering. 
  • Develop graduates with the capacity to undertake life-long learning, provide leadership and service to industry and the world community, and to aspire to ever-higher levels of achievement.

 Our Mission

  • By giving world class education, secure Orientalites' careers, equipping them with knowledge, intelligence, discipline and  dedication.
  • We transform students from 'bricks' to 'marble' by making them practice hard in right direction enabling them to be success-prone apart from being impressive techno degree holders.